Reminiscing in the Parlor : Leisurely Viewing Stereographs
Place de la Concorde, Paris, France
August 1875
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6.875 x 3.375
One stereograph of the Place de la Concorde (also known as Place Louis XV), Paris, France. The photograph shows the square with the large fountain and the tall obelisk (see NOTES). The front has the title handwritten on it and the back has the owner's initials and a long description of the site and structures. M. F. H. took a European tour in July and August of 1875, traveling from Belgium to Switzerland, Italy, France, England and Scotland. From other stereographs, it is clear this is from that trip.
e Place de la Concorde is the largest square in Paris and is the location of the Obélisque de Luxor. It was originally constructed as the Place Louise XV, finished in 1763, and is home to a statue of its namesake. During the revolution, however, the statue was destroyed. The main element of the Place de la Concorde today is the Obélisque, which was a gift from the royalty of Egypt in 1831; it is complemented by two eighteenth century -style fountains.
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