Conrad Kuehles Collection : A German-American Family's Story
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October 1861
Hand drawing; landscape; "James River at Richmond | The Tabacco Factory in which our wounded and prisoners were kept."; upper left hand corner have labels of locations that include, "1. Hospital 2. Hospital 3. Hospitals 4. House in which Ely + Huson ben kept 5. Rebel camp 6. Cotton factory"; they are labeled by number in the scene; two men are drawn fishing 3/4 down the right side; there is a bridge, a bridge with acquaduct-like arches, and multiple buildings in the scene.
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H-4.5 L-7.25 inches
Alfred Ely (1815-1892), a U.S. Representative from New York, and Calvin Huson (1822-1861), a District Attorney for the City of Rochester, were captured at the Battle of Bull Run when they traveled to see the battle. Ely and Huson were held at a confederate camp. Huson was mistreated and ended up dying in the camp while Ely was released in a prisoner swap. Ely went on to write a book about his time in the camp.
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